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RadReads x Koru

  • Union Square, 853 Broadway 853 Broadway, Suite 1220 New York, NY 10003 United States (map)

Learn Mindfulness in 2018

Want more patience, clarity, and calm in your life? Want to start training your mind, just as you'd train your body? If you're looking to level up your life, this is it. 

Join this special team RadReads offering of the popular 4 week Koru Mindfulness Course. Koru is designed to introduce you to the practice of mindfulness and build this essential skill. Most students (and a Randomized Control Trial) report reduced stress, better sleep, and more compassion in just 4 weeks. 

Suggested course tuition: $195 paid by Venmo at to secure your spot.


*Tuition has been reduced from $300 as a New Year's offering to the RadReads and broader community. If $195 is a financial hardship, email me at and we'll work something out. No one will be turned away!


  • Jan 10: Belly Breathing, Dynamic Breathing, Body Scan
  • Jan 17: Walking Meditation, Gatha
  • Jan 24: Guided Imagery, Labeling Thoughts
  • Jan 31: Eating Meditation, Labeling Feelings


  • Teacher review of digital practice logbooks in between sessions
  • Meditation practice accountability emails & nudges 
  • Your own copy of the suggested course reading "The Mindful Twenty Something" by Holly Rogers, MD (must register by 1/1/2018)
  • Maria's PDF of the best meditation apps for continuing your practice
  • 15% off any future mindfulness courses


"The focus of the class: using mediation to achieve a more mindful state of living was something I was admittedly skeptical about initially. What the hell is "mindfulness", and why is it important? This class has not only demonstrated how the mindful state is essential in order to fully experience life's many pleasures, but it has empowered me to make strides towards achieving it."- Brian Crowley

"I highly recommend the class! Going to a meditation class in person was so helpful because I was able to gain insight from Maria, and learn a lot from group discussion through insights from other members of the class." - Joe Forish

"I took this course without prior meditation/mindfulness experience and, four weeks in, I can confidently say that I possess a great toolkit to help alleviate stress, fatigue and worry - definitely a must for hustling New Yorkers." - Zeyd Tabbara

"Maria was really amazing. She did a great job leading the meditation classes, and beyond this she sent constant emails reminding us to stay engaged with the practice and would leave individualized comments on our meditation logs. I would definitely recommend taking a course with her to anyone interested in learning more about meditation. " - Will Price

The group dynamic is essential to Koru. Over 4 sessions you will build a mini-community. You will learn from one another, and naturally will help hold one another accountable. As a result, it is required that you attend all 4 sessions.

We also recommend that you purchase the companion text, "The Mindful Twenty Something" by Holly Rogers, MD. Wait...are you over 30? No problem! I've taught this text to those over 30 (and 40!) and it's still highly applicable. 

Today I'm a dedicated mindfulness practitioner...but I wasn't always that way. I spent my 20s (and really most of my teens) living a fast-paced, high-stress, high-achieving lifestyle. I worked hard, and I was good at it. I felt like I was on the fast track: manager at Bain & Company, MBA from Stanford, & Warby Parker start up experience.  

But in 2013, I reached a breaking point. On paper, everything shouted "fantastic!" But internally, my anxiety was sky high and I generally felt drained, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. Not knowing what else to do I started meditating.

That began a life-changing process of getting to know my mind. 

Today, my mindfulness and meditation practice has materially improved my life. I'm more patient, calm, and compassionate. I've dramatically reduced my stress and anxiety, and increased my resilience. Overall, meditation has improved my relationships, provided the inner stability to make big career switches, expanded my compassion, enriched my day to day and generally made life amazing. 

I am honored to share the practice of meditation with you in hopes that it may bring you a little more peace, clarity, and comfort in your life, as it has in mine! 

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